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Hello Everyone!

I am making a NEW game called ‘Military Tycoon’, simple concept, every building earns a certain amount of money per second, has a certain defence skill, or certain offense skill. Whilst ‘Battle Mode’ won’t be in the first full-release, it will turn up eventually, now, a game such as this will need people who would kindly help test the game :smiley: it might only be every now and again I need testers, but if you would like to be a tester please reply with your hopscotch username so I can keep an eye out if you fix a bug or something! Thank you in advance, @POMTL

v0.0.2 Alpha:

v0.0.3 Alpha:

v0.0.3-1 Alpha:

v0.0.3-2 Alpha:

v0.0.4 Alpha:

v0.0.4-1 Alpha:

v0.0.5 Alpha:

Current Testers:


Ok I will test it…seems cool
OfficialHopscotchRemixer is my HS username


I can test it! If you want


If you want to, I can try it out. It sounds really cool!


Ok, il test
Stal98 is my hopscotch username


Ok! Here Are The Current Testers!:


i’l test but i can’t acses hs right now. i’l just check for bugs and stuff


So first when you click help on the front screen it turns blue.
Also, when I click buy lot, it says choose building. If is say close, it doesn’t close.
I love the background though! And the design{


Hey @The_Crafty_Painter!! I see you need some testers for you project! Would you like to request an ad in the Hopscotch News, free of charge? It would give your project some new testers, and maybe some new viewers. If you would like an ad, head over to this topic and fill out the form over there. Thanks!!


v0.0.3 Alpha Fixed It From Turning Blue, Now It Starts Up Blue, And The Choose Building Part Isn’t Complete Yet, To Close It Just Tap Options, However It Isn’t MENT To Close It, So That’s A Know Bug, Thanks For Mentioning That The Option Colours Don’t Appear On Start-Up! I Didn’t Even Notice :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks For The Offer!
However, I Don’t Really Want To Stick This In People’s Faces, I Am Just Looking For 4 Or 5 Testers Which I Already Have, So Thank You But I Would Like To Decline Your Kind Offer


To Be Released In v0.0.3-1

v0.0.3-1 cuz it’s not big enough for a new full number.


The game glitches out on purposely if you press one of the settings buttons before the BG completely loads.


I am supposing you were talking about this glitch:

Where the colours would fly across the screen,
It has now been fixed, putting v0.0.3-1 as the latest update on this topic now


Current Known Bugs:
Options Currently Has No Text
Current Easter Eggs:
Try Spamm.ing Enable/Disable HD Graphics

Turn On Debug Stats, Having A Slow 16-19FPS Rate? Try Turning Off HD Graphics, Speeds It Up To Normal 20-23FPS Rate


Oh and the game is probably trash on hopscotch web player since it uses squares, not square text


Try getting it up to 50-60.


It’s totally okay! It was just an offer. Thanks for responding though!


Wait…I don’t get it…I can’t buy buildings for some reason…I click on th get buildings and a blank gray box appears that a I can drag around. This was the same menu for options and help but a I don’t see any buildings.


Don’t worry! The options and buy building boxes are not finished yet,
I am making the options functional now