Hello, Hopscotchers!

You all know that I'm making a Harry Potter quiz, right? Well, I'm nearly done, I just want a tester who will not quit, even when I need another game tested. You'll get sneak-peeks of my new games, and you'll help me improve them! I'd really appreciate it if you signed up for this!

There are some requirements:
•You have to not tell anybody about my games that come out
•I can trust you with all my heart
•You will not hack the collab account and delete things
•You have to have been Hopscotching for at least five months.
•I have to be close to you and know things about you already
•You won't be grumpy
•You will alert me in drafts if you recommend I change some code
•You won't download the drafts onto your own account and release them
•You have to be nice
•You have to be on when I tell you to

If you don't fit some requirements, I most likely will make an acception.

Thank you for your time!


Can I test?


I'm pretty sure you fit ALL of the requirements. When I see everyone else's request, I'll decide. You're awesome!


¡Hola! Can I please be test it? I meet all the requirements. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When I see everyone else who wants to be in, then I'll decide, Mr. Awesomesauce, because you're sooooooo cool! 🤗🤗


I fit all requirements! Can I test?


Read my two replies above.


Thanks, you just reminded me of a youtuber. VSauce


Also I will usually be online on weekends, but if I am off for a few hours then I could be: 1. Sleeping 2. not in the house 3. my parents hid the iPad for a little bit because "I use it too much"

so I can test it on weekends and after school (except Tuesdays and Fridays)


YMCA after school, right?


yep. YMCA is my school's after school program, I go there on Tuesdays and Fridays and go home at 6:00 in the evening EST


Perfect, that means if you can go on on Tues and Fri, I'll be on at 5:00 when you come home!

Sneaky like Malfoy


Hi! I fit all requirements, however, I might not be able to be on at all times because I have school, and I don't know how much you know me. Other than that, I pretty much fit everything. I read your posts about your quiz and it sounded really cool. Am I going on and on? Ok, Ok, I'll stop now. :wink:


I'll probably tell you to be on on certain days, so you don't have to worry about school.


Ok then. :wink:




May I pleAse test.. It's just that I am on everyday except some exceptional days when I have at of homework that I work until bedtime!


Are you going to to a contest for your tester, like some people do contest for coding partners?


Hmm... Let's see... I really love phase admin, but Polina is my best friend...
@Ihasfluffycupcakes is my tester.


ok. So what is your way of testing games?