Test the New Hopscotch Beta!

Hi guys!

This update is a big one—we tackled a bunch of the things that you said were driving you crazy with the new editor. This release will be available to everyone next week.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Reduced lagginess in the editor
  • Drag characters from the keyboard onto the stage (the screen with a grid)
  • Code in the editor is easier to read (though you tell us!)
  • Scrolling and jumping between objects is easier
  • Open and close blocks by tapping on the left side
  • Drag blocks around by pressing on the right side

Play around with this beta and let us know what you think. Is it easier to write and read code in the editor? Is it faster? What is broken or confusing?

Here’s the link to download it: https://upload.hockeyapp.net/apps/35ea5dc42dbfff63c79b5ea9f1ecc370

** Don’t forget that you have to trust Hopscotch to install the beta: on your device to go Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > Trust Hopscotch). **

Thanks again for all your help,

PS: We name all our updates after funny nicknames generated by Hopscotch. This update is called TenaciousPastry. Can you tell we like food?


Cool! I’ll try it out ;)


Thanks so much @Liza ! I really wanted test a Hopscotch beta one day :smiley:


I started to download it already, can’t wait!


It’s downloading. :DDDD

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awesome!! If this is your first beta test, here are some tips:

The goal of beta testing is to help us figure out what we need to fix before the update becomes public.

Examples of things we should fix are

  • things you don’t understand (like “how do I delete?”),
  • things that don’t work like you’d think they should, or
  • things that are just broken (like the app crashes or a weird screen pops up).

It’s most helpful when you tell us exactly what happened, including steps to make it happen again. Screenshots are also good.


Thanks! :smiley: do you need to make a new account first? I can’t log in with my main account on the Beta app


Yah, you have to use a test account. The beta app runs on a different database than regular Hopscotch. So, you can save projects between the two and you’ll see that the community is filled with old projects. (We periodically copy the regular Hopscotch database and save the copy to the beta)


I like how on set text it is more clear how to get values, also it just looks better. I prefer how when blocks and other blocks/objects you put blocks in is skinnier. Mabye add an option to change the width? Like in … A change block width button or something that would open a slider or switch or something with a preview of an object or block. So far I’ve found no glitches or anything.


It’s really cool! I think it looks pretty cooler now! The only thing that’s bad is when you turn your iPad into portrait mode and then turn it back to landscape mode the blocks become on a another place.

Have you think of making new profile pictures? That would be cool!


This sound super kewl!

I’ll download it right now and tell you what I think, @Liza!


Why won’t it let me try it?

Come on… :confused::disappointed::expressionless:


Honestly, I liked when the code blocks (in the editor) were thinner, I also don’t like how the code doesn’t take up the whole screen if u get what I mean :0 it makes me feel like I don’t have any room to code ;-; :0

But I get how it’s easier to read for some!
I’ll look some more at the beta!


I just got an email for this, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll test it!

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oh gosh this is not the editor i remember
i remember FULL SCREEN editors.

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Can you post a picture of what this looks like? Does it happen every time?


Do you mean the editor when the code was on the left side?

Try making something with this beta and let us know how it compares.


I like the concept here, but I’m not sure about how the editor is displayed. It makes it feel like a phone editor within an iPad editor.

The block sizes also seem a bit too big, and it’s kinda awkward with the editor being disproportionate with the code section.


This happens in every update!
Pics: this is when you have it in landscape mode:

This is when you have it in portrait mode:

This is when you turn it back to landscape mode:


I sadly cannot beta test again!

On the good side(ish) my droid phone broke(long story, otter box cases didn’t save it) and I may get an iPhone, which means I can hopscotch year round and beta test! :smiley:

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