Test symbols ipad


Can someone please reply if any of these symbols appear as a hollow square on the Ipad.
they added on pc
1-࿄ 10-☃
2-⊞ 11-☄
3-⊠ 12-:soccer:
4-⊛ 13-⛀
5-░ 14-⛂
6-▒ 15-:tent:
7-▓ 16-〠


Not all of them. Some of them are hollow-square like.


could you tell me which numbers? i mean just a thin black square with white inside
13-14-16 appear as hollow squares.
10 appears as a side on chubby snowman
15 appears as a color tent
11 appears as a different comet
12 appears as a more shaded soccerball


A thin black square with white inside for me is 7. (Android)


All of them seem iPad-compatible to me (or on my iPad at least)

So they'd probably work okay in your Hopscotch projects :smiley:


I'm on iPad 3 and 16 is a hollow square but there's an image for 16 in your pic.


Mine looks like @t1_hopscotch. 13 and 14 don't show up, but the rest are fine


Oh whoops I didn't notice 13-14 didn't show up on mine either @DragonLover975. I'm using iOS 9.0.2 on an iPad Air 2 @Stradyvarious maybe it's to do with software