Test my game/project



I have a game that I know I could improve but if someone could help me that would be great and thanks I cant figure out how to get a game attached to this so please go on the app and search for: nolakiggy drawing pad v4 if that doesn’t work search my user and it will be pretty recent thx for the help


To anyone else who wishes to check this out…I think this is it:


Oh hi I might be able to help…I’m not the best coder so ya know you probably don’t want help from me!


@sophia71205 I like your pfp btw!


Thank you :slight_smile:



Its preaty good but it seams a bit cluterd.

Idk you could shrink the color circles by 50% so there less in the way to free up more space

And for the rainbow mode buton you can make it so theres just one text with something like this:


It´s really cool! I especially like the rainbow mode and the HSB features.


@sophia71205 @PartTimeFemale @William04GamerA @Ducks_Happy thx so much working on suggestions right now, and somthing else that may take a while