Test my game :)! (I need advice to make it better)

hi! so… i downloaded hopscotch again and i made a game! Well, me and my brother. TBH we did not know how to code at all :sweat_smile:! We managed to “finish” the game, and we were pretty happy about it :))

anyways i want feedback on it :face_with_monocle:. Im still a bit confused on how to clone things so i had to place them manually.

oh here’s the game !

  • needs improvement
  • nice game
  • its okay
  • not fun at all

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Its Really good! It could be for feature.

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That game is really fun! It could be a feature like @Jordan said. If you really want want to improve it, I would suggest these things:

  • Music
  • Customizeable things like background etc.
  • Even more cool animations (maybe fade-out for the Venus-plants?)

Remember, these are just suggestions - the game you and your brother made is really cool already!

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Nice! I hope you make another game.