Terrorform! (Closed Collab)



This topic is for @Dude73 and I to collab! It's closed, sorry! :slight_smile:

@Dude73 – I was thinking of making a side scroller platformer! You're trapped in an apocalyptic world, and you have a gun to protect you! You shoot bad monster things and try to get through the level! If you die, you go back to the start of the level, but we could maybe make this like Mario where you can eat a powerup to grow! :D

What do you think, Dudey? Should we do this collab privately and make public announcements here, or make this collab on this topic? (We know each other in real life, so we're allowed to message each other :slight_smile: )


Pretty/TANS/system's General Topic

I think we can plan and stuff on here, and then announce it on a different topic when it's finished?

I have to go, bye! :smile:


Sure, that works! :slight_smile:


im stalking this topic


Awesome! When should we start? :smile:


Do you want me to make the first draft? :slight_smile:


still stalking dis topic




Sounds good! :D

I can start on some organization stuff after dinner, like designs and backgrounds. :smile:


stalks topic
oh hi dun pay any attention to me


You asked if I would join?...


Yeah, sure!

@Dude73, I wanted this to be an irl collab. Is that fine? :slight_smile:


Of course! We might have to do it in the front hall, as we'll probably get kicked out of the media center. XD


So true tho, the teacher is so crabby XD

Ben wants to help too, though idk how, cuz this project will be complex to make if we want to make it in the way I imagine it :P


Gtg, snapshot. XD


Okay! Good luck on doing your homework you didn't complete for it XD


I finished my homework, Rawr! XD

Now I actually have to go. XD


Good! :laughing:

Bye :D


Hai I'm back
With a 6 page homework packet


When's it due? I had one before :0

Which unit as well?