#terrifriendly [NaF CHALLENGE #6] [MAY 2018]


Good day, @naf!

This month’s challenge won’t require quite as much decision-making, but it should be loads of fun to draw. I’d say I plan on participating, too, but that all depends on my ability (or lack thereof) to find free time. Just another example to prove that asking you all for monthly submissions is silly of me.

your challenge >;D

Even though we’re far from Halloween, I wanted this month’s challenge to be pretty spoopy. Your challenge is to create a humanoid monster! I love messing with the human anatomy and seeing what others come up with, and this seems like the perfect prompt for that. The parameters are pretty loose, but if you’re feeling stumped you can take a prompt from this 30-day challenge I found online.

also, I’ve noticed a few trends in entries over the past few months, so here are some “pro tips” for those that want to spice things up!


~ It seems the majority of people submit entries for fluorine, so if you’re seeking to win you might want to try traditional art for a change. Less entries means greater odds!
~ I don’t allow the same person to achieve a prize for the same category twice in a row. Try switching up your mediums if you’re looking to win!
~ Try nominating people who haven’t won yet. If you make someone else’s day, they just might make yours!

The Members’ Choice poll will be up on May 19th, and entries will be due May 20th. I will announce the winners after that point, as soon as I can (what with my finals being that week).

Good luck, and much art!


OMH this challenge will definitely be fun.


Can I do multiple?


This is gonna be a blast


Yay 1st entry! Have some monster gfs!
This took me the better part of 80 minutes and it really doesn’t show rip
Its not incredibly ambitious or creative design-wise. Also I st.ink at coloring. The transparency effect looks kind of funky. But here we are ;pp



here we gooo o o o :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: monster art monster art m


Hello I finished early

This is my babie girl! Her species is one that does have mouths, so they use their own version of a hand language to communicate. Their bodies are slender, and the color varies depending on the specific creature themselves, and their parents.

I was gonna do traditional but
I decided to try out brushes redux and I love it oh my gosh
Also this took like 8 hours. Ugh


Oh Ho!1! this will be the Perfect Challenge as I already have a drawing In The Works that perfectly fits this challenge. All I must do is Color it hahahah! Perhaps this will be done before the day before The Deadline!!!


So, I know I’m not in the club so I can’t win BUT, I really wanted to try this challenge because it seemed cool! So, here is my thingy



I have a question, can the people who arent in the club still vote?


I mean, sure




ten days 'til nomination poll


Hi, @serenity!
This whole month I’m going to be incredibly busy and won’t be able to complete this challenge. I’m traveling a lot and have homework to catch up on. Thanks for understanding!


My entry.

Me making an entire backstory for this creature open if u dare. It is very sexist for these creatures (just an fyi)

(They’re arms are bat wings they have bat ears and have 4 pointy toes with a fluff of fur around the ankles their eyes glow black and they speak in a different language called batisean. They sometimes have fluffs of fur around their neck too. They have a society in which the rich are pretty much in power. There is a queen and the queen usually has 3 children and no more! One of the children must be a boy (which is rare because boys actually look different and have a more bat like face). The one I drew is a popular actress named Curli D. Nyeid. She was in many movies like Batvengers: Bat-finity War. She was also in Ready Player Bat and Bat-manji: Welcome to the Cave. Now on withe the daily life of these creatures! It is kind of split between genders for many things. Male Bat thingys have to go out of their little society place and fight other creatures that have no wings or bat ears or most of the looks of a Bat Creature (aka they attack humans) Female Bat thingys usually get higher paying jobs and mainly are the richest. Male bat thingys might get the opportunity to work at Bat’Donalds or Starbats (McDonald’s and Starbucks). The queen leads all the bat creatures but mainly is forced to stay in her castle that is heavily guarded. She gets many calming things while the poor near the outside of the society area have to fight each other for food. They come in a variety of colors ranging from red to grey to brown to black to white (because those are the most natural colors I can think of rn) females grow hair while males get fur. They can fly. The queen usually inherits the throne but there have been a few times when it was just an advisor that took place. The queen is usually strewn with gold strings and they have gold punctured into their wings to show power and wealth. I might write a little book bout dis.

Criticism is HIGHLY recommendad


Is it possible to join, or is the club full? Thanks!


There is a topic for if you want to join. You can still do the challenges if you don’t get in.


Oh okay, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

my entry


Gosh this took me forever anyway as you can see this is a dragon chick her name is Lorinda and she’s curious and naive but she can breathe fire so : / look out anyway I love her :gift_heart: and hope y’all do too lol
K here’s the speedpaint link: https://youtu.be/j8vzozeQmbQ