Terraria in Hopscotch!



I am making terraria in hopscotch, and it is coming pretty well...
...except for ideas.
i know how to program it, but i need help on iPad only ideas!
(example, in minecraft, the mobile version has cyan flowers, and the computer doesn't.)
so post some new ideas, and i might put them in! i WILL give credit (be sure to post your hopscotch username as well!)


You could add some really cool bosses( that are not already in the game), and btw, my Hopscotch username is Phase Studios®.


Good idea, @Phase_Studios! other bosses like what?
(by the way, the Eye of Cthulhu and Skeletron are in it already.)


You could make your emojitectures! You could make a cool evil bat that would be made by stuff from FancyKey or some other app.


Cool idea! i know how to make emojitectures (don't know how to spell that) but, do not have fancy key and also i can't get it.


Why can't you?Twenty


'Cuz my ipad storage i almost full and i can't download apps.
By the way, does this look good for the bat boss?
Sorry for the wait i had to switch devices


It is so cool, you could make it look like it would be flying!


I could help with it!


Or mabye this!
(The trees are tilted


Cool, but what do you mean by titled?


That would be great!
So far i just have the intro, but i will post it as to phase_studios within the next minuite


OK, cool LOL LOL, :persevere:


what is your Hopscotch username?


Did you look at the project?


My hopscotch username is Dr.ductape


I will work on the world gen now


OK, twenty characters


Did you play the intro?


Yep, really cool!!!!!!!!