Terraria club + collab account! (HS related)



Welcome, Terrarians to the Terraria club! Here we will talk about Terraria!
Now, what makes this related?
Soon, I’ll be opening a HS collab account called the Terrarium where we will make Terraria-themed games!

Club sign up:
Do you play Terraria:
Will you be nice:
Will you provide fellow Terrarians with tips:

Collab sign up (must be in club):
Will you help:
How much experience do you have with Terraria:
Will you follow the rules of the club (don’t publish a project without permission, etc):

I did search before I posted and the only thing I found wasn’t a club and didn’t have a collab acc





I have seen people complain about The Mass Tag list currently in use, and we need new guidelines.

Please, copy directly off of this topic when using the Mass Tag list. It will annoy you, I know, but it will constantly change.

Here are the new guidelines for adding and using the mass tag list.

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Don't use the tag list in all of your topics We shouldn't be using the mass tag list in every single topic we or another person creates. It is annoying to have to scroll through that, and it doesn't contribute to the discussion.

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Please don't tamper with this list It gets annoying when someone destroys something. So please don't tamper with the tag list.

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Select it all again and paste it where you want it.

Make sure to always have one empty line above the [details] or else the drop down folder will not work.

tag list

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@Milkypup lol
Get the latest list here: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/official-mass-tag-list-omtl/16843


You know u didn't have to use the OMTL it kinda is being over used

I've never played sry


Well do you want to join?
I used the OMTL because no one was seeing this topic


I have never played it I'm sorry.
I would join if I had.


You should play it tho
It's only about 4 dollars on ipad


I have a school iPad and I'm not really into apple.
I think I might have seen it in the PlayStation store though


I love terraria! Of course I'll join!
Best game of 2013 - 2015 for me


Just fill out the form.



Used to play, but I'm off and on (mobile)
Yes, I will be nice to everyone
Yes, I will give tips


I play on mobile too! high-fives


Uhh.,. So something weird happened in terraria....
Someone wanted to move in, and when I finally built them a house, they didn't move in and the "____ would like to settle down" messages stopped appearing




Well. I'm going to restart Terraria. Let's see if I will go to hard mode before a year? (Unlike every other time I've played it, where I've never been to hardmode. :p)


Dude I haven't even beaten king slime. See you in hard mode after about 10 years XD


Hehe. I found king slime easy to beat. It's just you need so much slime to farm him. So I never got the full ninja suit. Hehe.


My boss situation: I have a suspicious-looking eye, but I'm scared to fight the eye of Cthulhu

I'm not afraid of King slime, and I have gold and plenty of gel, but I just CANT. FIND. RUBIES!

I have way too many Lepus eggs from diseaster bunnies and I've tried the boss and DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED

Sometimes I fight skeletron because I'm bored or to here the music (I die if coarse (I can't spell XD))


I overprepared for the eye of Cthulhu.
I haven't fought Lepus since November. I haven't even gotten Diseaster bunnies this year.. Wow.

I'm a,ready missing my rocket boots.


Gimme rubies NOW!