Terrabyte Studios (No spots left, discussion only)



Hey everyone! This is a collab account I made (but haven't started collaborating on yet, :disappointed:). I will collab with some hopscotchers in order to make things! If you would like to join, reply with your favorite color, animal, and food! Then email me at valgohopscotch @ gma il.com (without the spaces) with those 3 favorites so that I can verify that it's you! Then, I'll tell you the account name and password!

Edit: Also tell me the first 3 letters/numbers of the email you are emailing from.

Another Edit: There can only be 10 spots in this collab. I just don't want too many people joining. Including me, there are 6 so far.


Um I can't email anybody and I really wanted to join! How about you can just tell me it on scratch? Fav animal unicorn, color purple, food pierogis.


Unfortunately, I don't want to risk getting hacked like so many other collab accounts. Email me however you can, on whatever account you can.


Ok, can I be in?
FAV COLOR: Green and Red
FAV ANIMAL: Cats and Kittens! So basically cats in overall.
FAV FOOD: Spaghetti


What would we make on it? And aren't you supposed to email first, then tell what it is on the forum, because if you tell it on the forum first, someone random could email you with the info, and they could get the password?


I will make sure that only 1 person can email with the same info. If two people email with the same info, I will only give the password to the first, and ignore the second.


Okay, just email me with that info!


The first person could be the random person. Ask for the first letters in their email on the forum, and tell the pass to the person with those first letters.


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Color/Colour: green/violet
Animal: horse
Food: raw noodles


Color: cyan
Animal: dog
Food: I don't really have one...
First 3 characters of email: cre


Can I be in?
Color: Orange
Animal: Taco cat
Food: (Not a taco cat...)
Email: jon


Still waiting on a message from you. Have you sent it yet?


Sent it.


Actually, can I make a personal Terrabyte account with the same account?


What do you mean by that?


Like so multiple people can 'work together' while working at the same time.


I honestly don't think multiple people can be in the same project at the same time.


Exactly, so then we technically could with different accounts.


Did you get in? You haven't put anything in the one Notes project. Can you put something in there?