Ten things you didn't know about _______


Hello welcome to ten things you didn't know!

Where people can say ten things people didn't know!

Here's mine!

I am into Hamilton

When I code I check the forum like every five minutes

I am bad at making music

I play mineplex

I am a minecraft addict!

I have a rasberry pi that I code on

I am learning to mod minecraft

I don't get scarred by anything for to long

I know @KVJ rocks


Woah thanks!!!!

Ten things:
1. I'm not sporty.
2. I used to chat.
3. I have been Featured (thrice).
4.'I go on the forum like five times as often as I go on HS.
5. I mainly code on the iPad version.
6. I have failed in several collabs.
7. I can't code sounds.
8. I rarely use clones.
9. I am not famous or popular or well known in my opinion.
10. I struggled to write these XD



No problem!

And I am not sporty either I am musicy!:stuck_out_tongue: is that a word?


I hacked a chromebook

I hacked a 3ds

I hacked hopscotch (in a way)

I like chicken nuggets

I run out of ideas a lot

Im a geek (Geeks are tech nerds)

I wonder at my 3ds friends list

I hate shorts

I have a gaming setup but I dont really play games

I use scratch (alot)

I like talking on the fourm

Notice I wrote more then ten answers.

  1. I love art—and am good at it!
  2. I play softball.
  3. My secret account is Secret.
  4. I know who @TwinkleBubbles is. I saw, sa. ;-•D
  5. I love cats! Want the ultimate gallery?
    about fifty pictures and GIFs in here…

trying to make it smaller…

just a little more organized…

just a little more…

still more, patience…

a little more…

there are more pictures of our cats than anything or anyone else in here…

I think this could be it…

That's all.

6. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck would?
It's a tongue twister.
7. I can use the keyboard side with the numbers to type with letters, vice versa!
8. I have Unicode Pro and Kana.
9. I personally think I and Huggingfluffybear have a lot of potential for leader (and according to the Fluffy Bear, Liza [whenever she promotes leaders and mods] usually promotes leaders twice that week, and we may be getting it, so we are fake closing topics! :-•P).
9.5 I'm talented at spelling as expressed below. I can spell the following words without the auto correct and they're easy to spell:






10. I once gave a shoutout to butterfly coding.


Ten Things You Guys (Probably) Didn't Know About Me

  1. Best on the Forums at Minecraft PC gaming (challenge me if you think otherwise...)
  2. Best at soccer on the forums (pretty straightforward)
  3. I like hiking
  4. Me and my friend that use this account have crazy high IQ's
  5. We vote for Donald Duck instead of Donald Trump
  6. I'm extremely tall
  7. We're boss at piano
  8. I have a YouTube channel which I'm going to start uploading videos to in a couple weeks (ask me for channel name)
  9. I'm @SabotageWarning
  10. My idol is @Me


What's your channel name??


My account is PlazmaPlayz. There are many different accounts with the name PlazmaPlayz, but you won't find mine because I haven't uploaded a video yet. I'm uploading a video in a couple of weeks. I'll tell you when I upload a video.


My friend is Legend rank on Mineplex.


Some things you didn't know about me

1- I love baseball
2- I'm an otaku
3- I LOOOOOOVE ramen :yum:
4- I've created a vocaloid song
5- I'm a songwriter
6- when I'm sad, I don't eat
7- I love playing with bouncy things
8- I hate when people say library as "libarry" AGH!
9- I'm very stubborn
10- my eyes were purple when I was born


10 things:

  1. I love sports
  2. I cannot live without sports
  3. I code more than being on the forum
  4. I type really fast
  5. The Hopscotch team liked my project
  6. I don't pronounce sixth very well
  7. i am funny
  8. This is long
  9. I am not a very good speller


I love baseball too!


Cool! Who's your favorite team?


The Red Sox. It is @tankt2016 her. I know you like the Yankees.


@tankt2016, I know you are reading this! XD


10.5: 'Tis thy boy on thy computer on thy account MiracleShoutouts.


I am good at piano too.

I can play a simplified version of Moonlight Sonata and Fur Elise with my eyes closed almost perfectly!


Le mind blown

Well that is funny. I tried to write fun and then I noticed writing f u is apparently banned



Shakespeare in my opinion.


Kung â– â– 

Btw are you guys siblings?