Temporary goodbyes


hey :)

how are you guys? i myself am not quite sure of my status at the moment. bored. a bit sad, maybe, although that’s the norm for me nowadays. i run the risk of sounding pretentious by calling myself wistful, but I high key am.

anyways, i’m trying to wane my forum usage slowly, like wading into a pool. i’m going To do those requests i promised, and then i’ll leave for a little while. i’ll probably make like a boomerang and return, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

hopefully, i should by wholly, cold turkey gone by Halloween. my insta is lyra_is_tired, feel free to contact me there.

seeing as this isn’t a conventional goodbye, i’m not going to make a speech or anything, just gonna say thanks for everything, and apologize on the behalf of my angrier and significantly less witty younger self, may she rest in edgy indie games. (low blow, i know. i still pelvic thrust for edgy indie games.)

see you later!



Oh, that is sad. Well, see you later, I guess. Have fun IRL.


Goodbye :( see you later


Bye then have fun!


Noooooo ouat not againnnnn

Ehem, Goodbye


Have a great time IRL, and we hope to see you back on soon!


Bye senpai! We will miss you. Have fun IRL! Bye ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-;