Temporary fix for screen orientation bug



For IOS on the hopscotch app there is a bug that causes the screen to get messed up when you try to switch orientations.

I have found a temporary fix for this bug hopefully it will help

The screen starts like this

Then I tilt it one way and it does this

Then I Tilt it back.

Then I tilt it again and it works.

If this does not work try tilting one way and then turning your phone 180 degrees all the way around that also works.

Hope this helps.


Link to that project?


It’s not finished it’s what I’m making for summer contest


Idk if I’ll finish it though


The game looks cool, you should really try to finish it :D


Yeah I’m only like halfway done though and due dat is in 2 days but I only have one cause I’m going on vacation and there’s no wifi I might release a beta thought


Wow, that is great! We have needed a fix for a while.


Then work hard.


I am, thanks for the motivation


Although it took me a month to get this far


Then it should be only slightly difficult to complete in a day.


Hahaha lol :joy: idk about that :neutral_face:


If you’re as ambitious as me, that is.
DISCLAIMER: that is calculated with my skill level as well.


Thank you for telling others how to fix this bug! Also, good luck with finishing your project for the summer contest!


I hate that! It is soo annoying! I’ve seen heaps of people talking about this. I wish they fixed it!


Thanks for this! The update we’re working on now should fix the orientation bugs!


Including the number one?

Seriously I have both keyboards memorized and my brain automatically switches now.