Temporary ban from topics

I feel like, instead of stopping everyone from entering a topic for a day, only the person/people who caused it to close should be kept from it for a day. Do you agree?

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Hi there -

I see where you’re coming from, really. It can be frustrating when the topics close, because of people not listening. However, that said, as a community we are all technically responsible for each other’s actions, and it can seem very unfair to those users if they’re not allowed in. It’s also not possible to do lol. Instead, we can all try to steer each other back on topic, tag the leaders when needed, and keep the conversations fun and relevant :))


It’s not possible to remove access for a specific person. The only way we could is by lowering the users’ trust level but that will only work for trust level specific topics but not a great solution at all


Understandable, but it would worsen the situation in most cases. It could also make the person feel worse about the situation, and pave the way for future conflict.


This would make it worse. People who got Tbanned from topics would come back and get angry. Also they would start blaming others and cause drama. I understand the idea tho.


maybe instead of removing access, just make it so that they can’t post but can still read and like?
Also not for a whole day, just like 1 or 2 hours


I get where your coming from, but it’s making it sound like that person
did something really bad, and it is also unfair for them to be left out and not others

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I don’t want to make an entire new topic for this, but I feel like if you vote on the forum and then tap on that vote it should remove the vote.



That works only for multiple choice questions