Tem versus sans who will win


Becuz this is hopscotch's facebook :upside_down:


I'm voting tem becuz he in awesomeness personified


Sorry but how is this related to hopscotch?


no faceboox is stupid

Anyways I see the point your trying to make. Wait

Are you saying everyone is off topic or are you saying hopscotch is faceboox?
Anyways sans


I don't know but I am very bored so sorry if this offends you but I'm very... um distracted when I am bored so if this offends anyone I apologize


Haha idc

Have fun with this topic!

Come join my german school if ur bored


Nah I'm just bored so I made this "topic" and I'm not trying to insult anyone or hopscotch this is a good thing so yeah just me being bored.


well you could just go outside.....


I'm not German sooo I'm gonna have a bad tem... insert trollface here


Umm it's like pitch black outside soo that's out of the question


well you could just play video games


What! I only know coding of course I played video games but sadly I am very bored with my games soo I went on teh interwebz and came here


Plus I'm in temmie village and I have like no reception here


Well I gtg so See Ya guyz


That's the point

U r supposed to learn the language