TEM FLAKOS! (Coding Related lol)





Ok so we like TeM flakes xD and probably mAKE A amazing team xD. Our plan is to create games, Backgrounds and more related to undertale and stuff

Ples no being mean. Ok so we do fun stuff


Wanna join?: yes or no

Ok so our plan is just make random stuff on hopscotch related to undertale and maybe has events. Join if you want to.



Hello this is PaperBagHat
We have 3 leaders, me, mr.rex and Jordan.
Leader acceptance is now closed.
Also we might do drawing challenges
So yep tag me or Jordan
if you need help.
Oh yeah please don’t edit st u pid stuff and don’t change the tags please


@PaperBagHat_meep. feel free 2 add more

Same for uddahs


Oh this topic


@Jordan I finished it


Thanks! Let’s now wair


Gtg now I’ll bbs


Probs sameness 2 xD bye


Why can’t you write in a normal fashion?



MaE rExTeM jOyN P?

rExTeM LuUUUuUuV uNdRtAyl yAyA!

rExTeM eCksiTeD 2 woRk wiTh cOoT hOomANs aN eEt yUmY tEm flAIkS yaYA!


is that it? ok then


Do you wanna join: Yes



Ooh thanks @PaperBagHat_meep


I swear was this topic teleported from 2015-16 or what,


@PinkCupcake8 maybe maybe not wink wink xd


to promote the tem topic
death stare



Chaaleeeeenge! Make a project anything about flowey. If you dont know him, search him up

P.S You dont have to join all challenges


u nO sPEeK tEm???


Can I be a mod


Yes you can, that’s amazing btw


Thanks! Its not that great…

So, as a mod, I can do contests and stuff?

Not RN since you’re already doing one but