Tell when you are going off!



In this topic, you tell when you are going off!
I am going off for one hour, I have to have dinner.

So, it's basically that!

I searched before I posted, so please inform me if there is a topic for this.


I am inviting random people.


Please SBYP I made a topic like this called

"Say bye (temporary) here to hopscocthers"

And as well, mass inviting is not that good becuase it's the same as the mass tag list

@Kiwicute2016 what do you think?



Thanks for the invite :wink:


Thanks for the invite!1!1! ;)


I randomly check on the Forum between 8 am and 7:30 pm in NZ time zone. This will change after the holidays.:wink:


He/she (whoever it was) did SBYP.



Yes I know but you really need to look hard!:wink:


Yes. It always happens to me. I search all the words up, and even look at topics similar to mine, and it's really hard to find.

We should do LHNT, which means look harder next time! c:


I really like that idea, Enchanted! :D
Great idea! It's a great way of giving a friendly reminder :D

Here's a like! <3

You're welcome! XD :D
And thanks so much! You're awesome! :D
You're an awesome illuminati ashparagus potatoe XD :D


Dank meme You!

You're awesome! You give friendly reminders all the time! c: