Tell me your favorite hero



Hey, have you been wondering about your favorite hero/heroes? Well you can tell me about it and I might like it
Before you tell me I need to know your username for hopscotch so I might give u a shout out, and I need to know why he/she is your hero. Hopefully your day will be super


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This is off topic but whatever. I like deadpool


Nice topic! And guys, sorry to burst ya bubble but this kinda is on topic!
My hero would maybe be... Well, if you mean superhero than batgirl or cat woman, but if you mean like my hero is Justin Bieber type thingy, than maybe Ashleigh ball, the voice of Rainbow Dash!


I like The Batman

Cuz he is batman :stuck_out_tongue:


I like every DC hero and I like deadpool as well


Guys don't forget to tell me why you like him/her


I like @smishsmash!

She's a hero!

She's so nice!!


Welcome to the forum, but please keep all topics related to Hopscotch. :slight_smile: :wink:


Edit- Why was this closed?

Thank you so much! :D @Huggingfluffybear


No problem it's true!


Another hero is @a10!


Mine is captain America cause he's like the best on and my HS username is cool 19


Mine is The HULK :grinning: