Tell me what has happened in hopscotch


"… … … … … … … … … … … . … . " :point_up:️in the last 6 months, I need to know.
Updates would be nice


Just some stuff… Drama for three days straight. Um. @Amulet_10 talking more often on her account…


I don’t care about forum. I want to know about hopscotch updates and anything happening IN app.


Oh, just randomized stuff… Anime club. Um, nothing really…


Hopscotch Updates?


No, none that I know of…




Okay. Why isn’t anyone else saying anything on here?


I haven’t used Hopscotch in ages but here’s what I’ve found under version history:

The first picture is a update from 5 months ago and the second is from last week.

There’s a lot more updates in between but they’re not that interesting.

So to answer your question, not a lot has happened.


Thank you.
These bugs are so minor.


Yeah, there haven’t been too many big updates recently, but I think that THT wants to fix some bugs before releasing anything mayor or while they are working on some bigger thing.


Nothing much has changed, as others have said!

Just a few bug fixes here and there. The everyday projects. Not much has changed in terms of coding motivation and/or the passion to code on hopscotch slowly dwindling.


Minor ones. Mostly bug fixes.

The womp bug was partially fixed. Still not completely, but it’s not too hard to avoid.


No good projects lately
Great. I might break that


Well, there has been a few good featured projects, but not really any game-changers that changed the face of hopscotch, you know?

I really hope you do that, @BlastFusion. I think the whole community misses your presence on the app as well as on the forum!!


I’m coding for the summer competition. Last time I was marked unfairly so I am having another crack at it.






Are you back?


Not exactly
I just want to code for the summer comp then I’ll think about it


Oh, okay.