Tell me everything! I'm new😖



Ummm, uhhhh, HHHIIII!!! I do not know anything about this forum. And I... I am sorry, I could not find any help.:cold_sweat: So this is my first anything to post or flag(I'm smart.) or WHATEVER! OOHHH me just got a badge! So, back on topic, I need every thing to know. And stuff. So just.. just help a newbie. Like how to set up my account and pictures and important stuff for NEWBIES! BBBYYYEEE!!!


Are you new on the forum, or on hopscotch the app.


I have played on Hopscotch for a few months. That was my first posty thingy. THANK YOU!!


Hi! Here Is A Good Post By @system That Can Help You!


Well, on the forum you can ask for help on things, like right now oio is helping me with physics for a golf ball project, or you can give help to people that are confused, like I am to you right now!

There are three 'ratings' of hopscotchers on the forum, basic, member, regular, leader, and admin. You start of as a basic. Only like three people that are leaders, @Kiwicute2016, @t1_hopscotch, and @BuildASnowman.

I'm still a basic I think. I'll check. Yup, I'm a basic too.


Welcome! :D.


Hello welcome to the forum type @Huggingfluffybear if you need help!


Hi, welcome @IM_THE_GAMER. A good topic to read is the Community Guidelines, if you haven't already. Another good thing to do is search the forum for topics that have already been made before you make a whole new topic. You can find great stuff like how to change your profile picture, how to add pictures and gifs, and text tricks. If you need help with some stuff for your project, feel free to ask! Project announcements are also okay. If you need someone specific to see your topic or post, like if you were talking to them, tag them by adding the @ symbol before their username and it will show up in their notifications. Some people are also using tag lists, which is not against the rules, but just remember some people don't like to be tagged like that. Hope I helped! :wink:


Why am I so late at times like this! Oh well... WELCOME! here's a link if you get confused with the badges here is if you want to find some projects that are tagged with the keyword WELCOME!


got anything specific? but for now, to change your profile and stuff look in the right hand cornet, then click (or tap) the orange circle w/ the eye (ur current profile pic) then click/tap preferences, there is where you do all the customization of your account, but just make sure to click the "save changes" button at the bottom when you're done


Welcome.. I
Just keep in mind that you can post a limit of replies on your first or first two days!


What does this mean?


Invite? I Don't Know...


Look, it says he joined 1 day ago


Dat means someone linked one of your posts in their post


Welcome to the forum @IM_THE_GAMER! The forum is a great place to collab, get help, post ideas, post tutorials and SOOOO much more!
here are a few tricks!

use this to make a poll!

  • HIi!
  • Hiiiiiiiiii


Use these buttons to invite someone to your topic, bookmark it for later reference, flag it if needed, share, and to reply!
see the profile pic? Do you see the little greenish dot next to it? thats your activity!

to make this cool button font just do <kbd>

Too @ someone just put an @ symbole with the name for ex. @SnowGirl_Studios @IM_THE_GAMER

If you think the topic has been asked before go ahead and search for it with the magnifying glass.

We are so glad to have you here!

-SnowGirl Studios

some helpful topics i made


Here is a cool topic that I made that has some cool tricks! I will add some more. Cool Forum Tricks! (more :wink:)


Oh my gosh! How did you do all that!?!? AAARRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!:scream: Thank you! @SnowGirl_Studios (I did it!)


Just remember to be paitient and you will soon be awesome at the forum