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I go on the App Store and it doesn’t show any ‘hopscotch’ updates? HELP PLEASE


beta is not an update!, and you can't get it on the App Store :scream: well it sort of is an update but a an unfinished update that needs testing, the only way you can get it is if you become a BETA TESTER!!!!!!! and test the update, to become a beta tester email the hopscotch team, but now that I look more closely at your topic title it sound like you are a beta tester well to update your beta the hopscotch team should send you an email then delete the old version and install the NEW version!
I hope this helps!


Well I did apply for it and I got an email back, but I don't know how to get it @AHappyCoder


there should be a link some where in the email the link should say something like "rinkhockeyapp"


@AHappyCoder can you give me the link?


I signed up and I am going to receive a email with the link in two weeks I am so excited


@Work_kids_coding @Trendygirl the Hopscotch Team will email you with the link and details each beta-testing period. Unfortunately I think for the current period we had to get our responses in by yesterday or the day before so the Hopscotch Team could add them in time....

Make sure you've emailed and maybe check with them again. If you missed out on this one, don't worry you'll still be able to test future awesome updates :smiley:


You can't download it. What does the email say? Read it more closely it will have links. If it said they gig your email your not a beta tester just yet:wink:. But if not I have no idea. Hope this helps!