Tell a Hopscotch story for a smile!



Write a short story abut something that happened to you on hopscotch. Please nothing sad or mean, as this is to make people smile or laugh. Thanks! I can't wait to read your cool stories!:heart_eyes:


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Maybe the stories could be Hopscotch related so this doesn't get closed :D


yeah thats what i ment


Ok, I'll edit the title so everyone knows that :D

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At first I did not know I was allowed to post projects so I asked my mom then she asked my dad they agreed yes! So then my first project was a cat and I felt good and then funny story my friends first project was a cat to!


Omg, I can't believe I forgot to say welcome.

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My Short story

I was scrolling through my activity tab like I usually do when bored. And then something caught my eye, it was a remix of one of my projects. So I clicked and opened it. It was from a really nice hopscotcher who wrote a really nice thing to me. I was in happy tears. :D


Ok, time to tell you younglings a little story of mine.

One Saturday night, I started to make a game. It only took me 30 minutes. When I published it, I thought this, "I wonder if this will get more than 10 likes?" But then, a couple days later, I went back onto Hopscotch. I go check on rising. I scream high pitched. I WAS SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!! I WAS FREAKING OUT SO BADLY BECAUSE I WAS SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no clue how it got on their. Right now I have 73 likes and going on the project. The name of the project was named DreamLand. I couldn't believe it, but I eventually stopped screaming of joy.


I was new to Hopscotch. But I. I had a dream. A dream to make Very Berry Bash. I grabbed parrot to be the bird. I failed completely. Then I messed up some more. When I was finished I played it just to see it was completely bugged. I hit the publish button. Very Berry Bash I typed into the bar. Publish. I waited. Nothing. I waited some more. Something! I only get around five likes on average today. Back then it was the same... Sigh. But I was proud! Very very proud.

Also: I GOT 99 PLAYS ON MAIL SIMULATOR!!!! Squee!!!! Haha! Here's a link! LINKIE LINK LINK


Welcome to the Forum m8

Once upon a right now I was creating a mirror draw pad when suddenly all the periods in this story disappeared I was so worried my mirror draw was going crazy the screen turned blue and then flashed on and off suddenly I started seeing bird everywhere I went then parrot then banyan I was screaming my head off


I will tell you my short story...

Short Story

I just made a post...


You should have seen me when I got featured!


This story is about my very first featured project. It was called Field Rush (spring).


Mathgirl stared at her iPad screen, wondering what to make for her brother, who was watching intently. She made a new project and began to play around with code blocks. โ€œI want to code something, but what?โ€ she thought. Her mind began to wander, and she suddenly remembered a kind of game she had learned about on Khan Academy;side-scrollers.

โ€œWhy don't I make a side-scroller?โ€ Mathgirl thought. โ€œIt would be good practice, and I want to try making one anyway.โ€ An idea was already beginning to form. โ€œMaybe the character can try to avoid enemies while collecting stuff.โ€ she thought. โ€œIt could be an infinite runner game, where you try to get as high a score as possible.โ€ But what should the character be? Suddenly, Mathgirl had another idea. She placed a smiley emoji on top of an emoji girl face. Now she had a character that could easily change expressions and had hair. โ€œPerfect!โ€ she thought, smiling.

After a lot of coding, patience, and debugging, the project was finally complete. Mathgirl tapped the publish button.

A few days later, Mathgirl noticed something. โ€œWhy is my project getting so many likes all of a sudden? An idea suddenly occured to her, and she quickly checked what was on Featured. What she saw made her gasp with surprise and delight. โ€œIt got FEATURED!!โ€ she told her brother excitedly. โ€œField Rush got Featured!โ€ Her brother ran over and gaped at her iPad screen. Sure enough, her project was sitting in the top-left corner. They could hardly believe it. โ€œI've never gotten featured before! This is unbelievable!โ€ Mathgirl thought, and immediately set off to make more projects.

Little did she know that she would eventually become a relatively famous Hopscotcher and get a bunch of other Featured projects... :wink:

EDIT: The project's very buggy on the webplayer, I'll republish it on my Hopscotch account.


Gather around, children.

So, I was drawing.
I was drawing this amazing underwater-sleeping-Hatsune-Miku type drawing, and the water looked incredibly real. This was my first ever drawing on MiaoMi-Pad, so i wanted this to be the "coverart" or the project. The drawing had taken me two hours, but my final shading was drawing to a close.
Suddenly, my hand started hurting, because my art instinct had worn off and my logical thinking was now in place. My hand was REALLY sore after all the high-speed shading I had done to the water to make it look real. Groaning, I threw down my iPad, and flopped onto my bed. I lay there for a while, and then got up again.
I realized now that my lighting was COMPLETELY off for Miku's hair, and was about to select the white color when something big, white, an furry bounds into my room: My American Eskimo dog, Joey.
Apparently he had heard me whimper a bit while rubbing my sore hand, and thought I was in trouble. So he decided to leap up the stairs and into my room, and proceeded to happily explore every single part of my living space. He jumped around, prancing around on top of my bed and down again, and eventually realized that I wasn't happy.
So I chased Joey around for about 15 minutes, trying to get him downstairs. I succeeded, and does another 4-6 minutes getting him into his cage.
So I walk back upstairs, tired, and try to tap the white button.

And I miss by a few pixels.

I hit the "See Code" button.

Artists, we can all relate, can't we?
@OrEndA @OrangeScent1 @LotsaPizza @AvocadoDont @SnowGirl_Studios @iReesesCup @friendship2468 @TallAOnForum @Sparkczy @YuxinaYammy @any.other.artist
I just listed these off the top of my head.. Don't feel bad!


I feel you! I've done this so many times... So frustrating! Augh!


Were you doing pixel art?


Nope, just regular art on MiaoMi-Pad.