Teen Titans Fan Club



I am a Teen Titans (not Teen Titans Go!) fan. I want to find other hopscotchers who like it too. We might do a collab. But, first of all, does anyone want to join?



I watch teen titans go

But I've watched a few episodes of teen titans

Can I still be in?

I wanna be in :3


Ok, though I'm not joining, I'm not that big of a fan, just wondering, what projects do you plan to create?


I don't really know what that is so no, but I wish you and your collab luck!


Ok. Just know that this is mostly original series.



But I know the characters
Like jinx, starfire, black fire, robin

Btw I put tags on your post


I know all the characters too
Not from go


Great. Who is your favorite Titan? Who is your favorite villain or ex-villain?



And gizmo



I like Raven and Jinx.


I like gizmo because he's a midget

I could use him as a footrest


I'm not in this collaboration, but just a reminder to stay on topic!


My sister would rather join than me. Although she is a LOT older than all of you.


This is on topic. Teen Titans is on topic.


Teen Titans isn't related to Hopscotch. However, if you are talking about the club and what you are going to do that has at least something to do with hopscotch, then it is related.


Steven Universe for life
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I still think Raven is the best cartoon character ever and that Teen Titans is the best show ever. Too bad it was cancelled,


This is really getting off topic. Try to keep it related to hopscotch!


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This is really getting off topic.


The. Topic. Is. Teen. Titans. @LazyLizard!
@iReesesCup, do you agree?