Technical bug in this game:


Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: Rawrbear

What kind of device are you using?: iPad Air 1

1 sentence description of the problem: On this project, I ran into an "Emptyness" projectile, giving me a "Womp!" error.

Steps to make the problem happen:
1. Open project, then get past intro into and into the game.
2. Collect some gray texts.
3. Run into a red one.

I expected this to happen:

I'd move on with the game. (Maybe I'd die? Maybe I'd lose a life?)

But instead this happened:

The game crashed on me.

Hope this helps!


How do you do the link thing? xD


I got a Womp error only after collecting a lot of grey and red.

You need to paste your link first thing when you make a topic.


Ah, good to know, eheh. Just paste it into the title when you make it, or?


Yes. Then it should appear in the body and disappear from the title (I think)


Hmm that's interesting I don't actually know what made it occur, maybe to much Code? Did the womp happen when making it??


You do the link in title. Delete it. Type title.


The what? ^^;

@Petrichor and @MR.GAM3R, thanks a bunch! :)


Doesn't mater :)

i meant to write womp! (Womp something isn't right) instead I wrote womb XD

wait are you Corgi king???


No. That's @TheCorgiKing.


Ah, the Womp error! I was gonna say, that'd be really... interesting. xD Yeah, I get it after I run into a red word. :o

Hehe, check my profile for my username. :D


Oh, yeah, that certain game has been crashing for me, too :confused: Maybe it's the Clone amount...?