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First up,

Rules, very important, but these are most important ones:

  1. No inappropriate projects
  2. Begging likes kind of project is not allowed
  3. If working as a team, always put your name in the "Copyright" object as "Set text ( your name)".


How will making a project work?

Stage 1-
Planning: Someone gives an idea to the team, then we think about how are we going to do it, what will be the content, etc.

Stage 2-
Approval: once everyone agrees about the conditions, we move to

Stage 3-
"Construction": we make the project

Stage 4-
Testing and final approval: we test for bugs or defects, and we finally approve the projects.


How long will making a project take?

If we are fast enough, it should take two to three weeks for a simple project.

The bigger and/or more complex kinds should take one to two months (quite long huh? :grimacing:)

Last but not least

HAVE FUN! :confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:

Updated: 24/12/14

To those who want to join, click/tap the link below to find out the requirements.

TeamCoderz Studios© Backup Topic

I will make the account for us around Thursday to Saturday.

Make sure you like the post which contains the password okay guys?


Can I join? (Btw I'm in Phase Company, MK37C and Helpers club

TeamCoderz Studios© Audition [Closed Forever]

Why not! I mentioned you in another topic that's you only need one, you're one of the exceptions. Go there see the requirements okay? :slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling:


maybe a portal-style game, where you can place portals to get to the next level?but here is the twist:you have 30 seconds on each level, so you have to find clocks.


Thats seems like a good start! So, lets wait for at least two more people to agree with you okay? Part of the process...:grinning::grinning::grinning:

The timer should be using values right??


Cool if you check out my super skiier/snowboarder games I have used that same concept so it's easy for me


Instead of clocks, we can have radios! :smile:


Um why would we do that please explain


Me? Because in the game Portal, they have radios instead of clocks! :smile::radio:


Oh i love that game if only I had 20 characters in all my posts


Same, I would like, but I ran out, so here :heart:


I didn't know that, how bout a radio, I donno. But how are we going to make a radio like that, also, I made sketches of one level.


Cool! I ran out of likes, so here :heart: Also, can I see the sketches?


See? It's easy but it's not easy to have 20 characters


i love clocks.ran out of time


Can I join or are there already 6 people?


Sure, I'm raising the number of members from 6 to 8. If you want to join, go to TeamCoderz Studios collab request and see the requirements.

@Rawrbear, why not. It's a simple sketch for level one. Easy as pie. (Ignore the "NUS" thing, hehe.)


Update! I HAVE CREATED THE ACCOUNT! WOOHOO! :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

Username: TeamCoderz Studios©
Password: [Deleted for security reasons]

(catchy eh??)

All members @CamMakesGames @rawrbear @hopscotch_king @Isaacwotwot @CreativeCoder must like this to notify that they have seen this, once this receives 5 likes, the password and Email will be censored with hyphens.

Also, we should decide on our icon, but let's not talk about this icon thing for like, weeks, we have a portal game to do :slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling:


I actually want to know which country you're from, so we can communicate better.

Reply to this post so I'll know.

@isaacwotwot, you don't have to since you said it in your user card thingy ( you're from Australia 🇦🇺 right?)

To let you know, I'm from Singapore 🇸🇬!

After saying that, write down how many hours quicker than the time in the US of A :us:

Use the 12pm USA time and then the hours quicker. (Eg. Singapore 12am from USA 12pm)