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@rawrbear @CamMakesGames @hopscotch_king @Isaacwotwot

What a tragedy!! What was @Joewheels2 doing there?!?!??

@Joewheels2, next time, don't interfere with what we are doing. And please bring your Rage Game planning somewhere else okay?? We're busy at that group.

@t1_hopscotch can you please open the group again, heres the link.

Okay guys, for now until the topic opens again, we will discuss over here.



Yep, I drew that picture in sketchbook express


Btw @comicvillestudios I've seen all posts on the topic TeamCoderz Studios© But haven't been able to say anything because it was locked and I'm not Regular yet....


Locked because someone brought something that wasn't related to the topic we are working on


What I was saying is that now because it is locked I can't say anything in the topic...


Neither can we...
Also @Isaacwotwot @Rawrbear @hopscotch_king please beta test because you are beta testers and tell me if I should add more


Well delay the project for a week and see the situation...

P.s. I released a new teaser.

P.p.s I like your logo you made @CamMakesGames

P.p.p.s Lets finish it by the end of this month shall we?


Nice teaser
Thanks for the compliment


HK is me.the reason why was stolen by a flying cow


I'm a maker... :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



What do you mean @Rawrbear @hopscotch_king


@CamMakesGames @Rawrbear @hopscotch_king @Isaacwotwot


TeamCoderz Studios© will be shut down totally until further notice due to recent hacking cases in the Phase Company and other teams.

The only people I allow access is @CamMakesGames and @Rawrbear to do period checks in the accounts.


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