TeamCoderz Studios© Auditions [Desperately need 2 more members!]



If you want to join TeamCoderz Studios, please read this and leave your project of proof here. I will audition your project and tell you if you are accepted into the team.

Here are the requirements to join this team. You must at least have 3 of the mentioned. If you have 3, tell me below if you want to join.

The number mentioned above does not count the items indicated with (MUST)

 - One project in Featured
 - One music project
 - Two fighting style game
 - 10 likes on a project
 - The ability to make clones do the same action as
 the original
 - The ability to make "Fade In" "Fade Out" effect
 - must be in at least one Club/Company/Group
   (MK38C / Phase Company/ Etc.) (MUST)
 - must be coding for at least 3 months (MUST)

Our current members are:
@comicvillestudios (Leader and Founder)
@Rawrbear (Co-Leader and Co-Founder)(Former Member)
@CamMakesGames (New Co-Leader)

This topic is updated to fit the current status.

Updated on: 19/11/15

TeamCoderz Studios© [DESPERATELY HIRING 2 more members]

Hello? Can at least SOMEONE join TCS?


Sorry, I'm going for a different group.