TeamCoderz Studios© Audition [Closed Forever]



I am thinking about making a collaboration account called TeamCoderz Studios.
And I'd like anyone to vote if they want this team to be formed. Once there is 15 votes (yes, counting the ones who don't want the team to be formed), the team will be formed.


  • Yes I want to form this team

  • No I don't


Here are the requirements to join this team. You must at least have 2 of the mentioned. If you have 2, tell me below if you want to join.

 - One project in Featured
 - One music project
 - One fighting style game
 - 10 likes on a project
 - The ability to make clones do the same action as
 the original
 - The ability to make "Fade In" "Fade Out" effect

I also want to invite @isaacwotwot and @rawrbear to join me in this team.
For you two, at least one of these requirements will do.

TeamCoderz Studios© [DESPERATELY HIRING 2 more members]

Opps, I forgot. The maximum people who can join TeamCoderz Studios is 6, including Isaac and Rawrbear and me. So there is three vacancies.


Just one question, what sort of things are you planning to make?


Hello fill up all the rules but there is a problem I am from Spain and I use google translator


Sure, I'll join!!! :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:


I know I only need one, but I've never been on Featured, only on top of Rising and on Trending below MagmaPOP, Valgo:zap:️:zap::zap:️ and The Hopscotch Team, so I REALLY want to get on Featured with my ThemePad. :slightly_smiling:🙃:slightly_smiling:🙃


Also, what will we be making? 🤔


There is already a team called teamcoders :stuck_out_tongue:
I'll join, I have at least 2


uh.. mostly games actually, im still not sure what kind though.


@cammakesgames , i didnt know that!


i can make fade in and out, and i'm on game changers!


You're on Game changers :open_mouth::smile:


Can I join? I:

-have been on Featured
-I play piano so I can create music projects, but I haven't published any yet
-have gotten 10 likes on a project (500!)
-can do the clone thing
-can fade in/out


P.S. I play piano :smile: (20 characters)


To these people,

@rawrbear @hopscotch_king @CamMakesGames @CreativeCoder @Jootje

P.s to you all, if you want to join, you should have proof of the things you mentioned.

Publish a project and make title of the project as "TCS Audition Entry" or send the link of the project over here. :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:


here is my project


Ok, I'll link the projects soon. I have to go to school so I can't right now


@comicvillestudios (I can't replace the link with the words because I'm on my phone)

Angry Birds Pig (got on Featured and has 510 likes):

I can publish a music, clones, and fade project later, but I can't as, again, I don't have access to my iPad. But, that is already two categories.


Hey I would love to join, but I'm only on hopscotch in vacantions because school takes a lot of time. Can you please let me know when you finish your stuff?


I'll be sure to! :relaxed:

Btw, what do you mean by stuff? School stuff?