Team TACOCODE registration (ended)


This is the official page for Team TACOCODE!

Members so far:

No more members needed in team TACOCODE For now


Yeah! Thanks for letting me in, friend!


Thanks I'm going to get some people and see if they want to join?


Not yet. I already interviewing a friend in my neibor hood


Your welcome piper... er... PotatoLover


Do you have snapchat?


Hi! Can I join, if possible? :D?


Definetly. I just have to check to make sure.
What is your hs name?
Have you ever gotten over 12 likes on a hs project?(not a requirement)
Are you in school during the week? (For our schedule)
Are you ever mean?(ex: rage quit's/anger issues)


No I do not.
I don't do social medias...


Oh. Ok. Kdidkdkdkkdkdkdkdkdkkdkd


Sorry for getting back late




You are accepted! I will tell you the password once i have time


How did you edit his reply?!?!?!


May I tell him the password also he's are biggest for team TACOCODE getting a featured I might help get a trending only


Okay got it thanks 20 characters


Go on plz potato lover. Also, i am putting a red potato on steffanies seat on my bus. XD


OMG edit it other people can see!!!!