Team Starfire Information



Team Starfire is a team of people who work together to make AWESOME projects. There are 10 slots for regular members, 5 "extra" slots, and two staff slots, for a total of 17 slots. The 10 regulars just work on projects. The 5 "extras" are when you choose an additional role:
Planner- plans code
Clone Specialist- handles clones in projects
Value Specialist- handles values in projects
Designer- draws plans for projects
For the 2 staff slots, you can either be a co-leader or an Organizer. The Co-Leader assists with the day-to-day operations of Team Starfire, while the Organizer organizes people and projects. To apply, please reply with this form filled out:
Hopscotch Username:
Role: (regular, extra (please state), staff (please state))
Time zone:
The first project will be a cat and mouse game. You are a mouse, and you have to run from a cat chasing you through hallways of a mansion, and you win when you get to your hole.


Team Starfire? I drew Starfire from Teen Titans Go, it got 300 likes and feature... Lol


Starfire had nothing to do with the character... Lol
Do you want to join or not?


Hopscotch username: GiraffeProductions
Role: staff because I could organize people and projects well. If I become co-leader I would be good with what to do.
Time zone: central in the usa


Hopscotch Username: Qubertion
Role: (regular, extra (please state), staff (please state)) Extras slot - Designer.
Time zone: EST (Eastern Standard Time)


Hopscotch Username: Creative Coder
Role: Just regular member I guess
Time Zone: PST (Pacific Standard Time)


@GiraffeProductions @Qubertion @CreativeCoder You guys are all in! Login to
Team Starfire

(Like once memorized)


I'll think about it. :wink:


I didn't get it yet ( 20 characters )


Is this long enough? :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Uhh... Still thinking :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Your allowed todo it if on topic, gabe_n was flaming me before for 'k', but he reopened the like virus on-topjc, Iike I have!


Hopscotch Username: crazygoat
Role: regular
Time zone: Australian Eastern Standard time zone


Or two hours above moubtain starnderd TZ


Sorry, not accepting anymore. Canceled. If you want, join the Team Starfall clan on Spirit Animals. I'll accept.