Team People! (Valgo's Team) meeting room!



@Holly_Aarmau, @LazyLizard, @xXBARNSLEYFCXx. @StRiKe_Charler123, put your emails here so that I can email you our account password and username, or you can email me at valgohopscotch @ g (without spaces), and tell me your hopscotch username. I will reply with the password and username.


I thought you said I was on the team :frowning:


I'm excited for this team!



@Valgo is it to late to join your team because I asked @LotsaPizza a week ago and she said no as well as @Gilbert189


Hi @Valgo!

If this is for the March Madness, can I join your team? I have no team. It's completely fine if you don't want me.



You can still join my team!


You can join my team, too.


@Hermione, @SabotageWarning, it's a good idea to choose this team, it doesn't have the player limit.


Ok, just send me your gmai l, sorry, tank didn't put your name on the list.


Well, it's uneditable now, too glitchy, made it editable so other people can edit it. You can edit it. It will be a brave attempt, though.


My e-mail is


My hopscotch g-mail is (without the dash)


Ok, so I'm officially in?

My email is (take out the -)


@Hermione, @TallAOnForum, @SabotageWarning, Hopscotch emails aren't allowed anymore. @Valgo, Hopscotch emails aren't allowed anymore. Plus, if you're discussing projects in there, that's NOT allowed for the contest, I have to monitor all project chat communication. If you do discuss projects through emails, you will get demoted of Team Captain and the best-leading team player will get your Team Captain spot.


Sorry I didn't get the memo


guildrazor@ gma il . com


I think @valgo is using the account so we can work on the project easier @tankt2016. Can you make an exception?


Yeah, except I have to monitor the account, if someone can tell me the password and the username, that would be great.


Ask @Valgo, he's the team captain so he can email it to you..