Team GlitterLizard!



It's been a while! But GlitterGirl000's birthday is coming soon, and we need to think something up fast! So, we are keeping our new account private to both of us, but we are opening the collab. We want advanced coders, or semi advanced. We want experience. Ultimately, I'll be pulling names out of hats.


If you don't get picked, don't take anger out on me! And you have to read this. Well, you are reading this do you know. Maybe I should stop. If you want to leave, tell me! I won't be mad! If you don't want to help with the teamwork process and you were picked, you may get some reminders from us. If there is no reply, you may not be on further tag lists.

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Current mission: Birthday card for GlitterGirl000! Anybody can participate! If you have met her, no personal info! Has to be done by April 9th! (Not her birthday!) A friend and I spent all day getting a card signed! All 20 minutes of tutorial! (Actually, 22.5 minutes because the bell rang and we had 3 minutes to get to class and I went last minute and still had to get books!)


November 2015


Great! I'll add you to the drawing!



Just any project you want to! :slight_smile:


PS: I thought you'd know some of my games since you follow me!

Acrostic poem:


Great! I have to go to soccer but when I come back I'll add you to the drawings!


Oh, and I perfer using my own account, other than having to log out :wink:


On since April 2015!

Every day!

You don't know me?! Jk, @KVJ, and KomplettverrĆ¼cktjunge.

Link to best projects? Um, I don't have the links, but you can find my features by searching "tries", "man", "dino" in Projects! Also, you could look at the projects you kindly nominated on Nominations for Featured!


Possibly earliest @Anonymous