Team GlitterLizard Q and A



I'm EXTREMELY excited to announce that my BFF, GlitterGirl000, has come back to our hometown for a few days. Now that our team is back, we want to answer your questions! You can ask a question that you want us to answer!
Must be appropriate
No personal info
It doesn't have to be hopscotch related but we would love to answer hopscotch related questions!
Also, we are trying to figure out how to create lift.
For example, if you were riding a sled over a jump, what could you add to it to make lift?
I know that is off topic but we are designing sleds, and some prototypes may come out on hopscotch.
Can't wait to answer your questions!


;( nunca preguntas
Ask us some questions y'all!


Wait I don't get it. I never learned that we were trying to make a lift!


Ok, that isn't necessarily a GlitterLizard collab project, but we are designing sleds.


Ok that makes more sense


More Questions!
It's gonna start soon!


It's starting soon!


I know you are online, any questions?


Oh you caught me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::smirk: What do I ask?


Hi, I'm on, what do we do??


Idk what ever you want to know!


Ask questions!!! Both of us will answer them!


Ok, let's start simple, what is your favorite color?


Who are your favourite hopscotchers?
What is your best or favourite project?


LazyLizard: Blue
GlitterGirl000: Orange


LazyLizard: MR*Artist, @OrangeScent, @LotsaPizzs, @everyone
GlitterGirl000: idk everybody is amazing!


Hey people any questions? Today we have been making funny videos on Instagram... :wink:


Uhh do u play Minecraft? What is your favorite game other than hopscotch?


I really enjoy minecraft minecraft.
Glitter girl left and I'm on two hour delay!