🇧🇪 Team Germany Hoplympics (desperate to recruit for games event!)



This is where all the news for Team Germany will be! I'm so excited to be team captain and I will do my best to give everyone the events that they want! If you have any questions or something to say just ask.

Team members:

@MelodiousParrot (team captain)


Trail art: @MelodiousParrot
Pixel art:@AwesomeNachos
Background: @MR.GAM3R
Sine and Cosine: @DMF

As far as I'm aware there is no topic or theme that needs to be included in the projects. Here is a link to the main topic:

Melpar's general topic/AMA (Help with trail and pixel art)

Oh, great! You made a topic! :D Sooooo... are you going to choose any more peeps for teams yet? :0 :D


There are no requirements for people to join, just tell me you want to do it.


I believe that I was assigned to Team USA...?


I'll fix that up, sorry about that


Come on hops, we really need your help!


Um, I'm actually not in dis team or da Hoplympics, I'm just a smol potato who gives out prizes


I'll remove you from the list




@awesomenachos if we don't have a few people by tomorrow we will probably have to forfeit.:slight_frown:


Use the OMTL! Quick!


im not sure how, do you just copy and paste? Or can you please do it? Sorry


I have been moved to Team Germany @MelodiousParrot


Yay! Thank you so much!


Yay Sin/Cos isn't an event anymore. I think I can handle all of the rest :slight_smile:


Do you think you could do a game or a background?

@AwesomeNachos you can do pixel art


Sure, I can do either


You can choose which one you want @MR.GAM3R



I know you have probably all been tagged in the hoplympics topic but does anyone still want to join?



Want to join, but I am Russian XD