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Team Filter

A group of hops that can go through the ‘newest’ tab for any inappropriate projects like:

  • Any PI leak
  • Useless remixes
  • Claiming project as their own

Idea from:

Any hop that is in Team Filter can have an option to filter a project that is any from the list above. Any project that has been filtered by anyone from Team Filter will be moved to the filter to be reviewed by The Hopscotch Team.
Shown here:
This project will be then put into the filter and removed from view.
They also have the badge in front of their hopscotch username:

I chose this project so I can give an example, not because I don’t like this hop or anything
You can only vote if you are in my TG >:)

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Yes, I know the cons about this:

  • Accident put to filter
  • Might randomly put projects to filter
  • Doesn’t work/do anything/inactive
  • Fighting about something like this; “It’s not fair!!! Why did you put my project to filter!?!?”

Smart idea!


Yeah, I agree. A great way to keep content relevant on HS!


This is really good idea! And perhaps someone on Hopscotch can make the Team Filter’s members don’t abuse it


Sounds like a decently good idea, but this is generally what the report button is for. To access it, tap the 3 dots in a project and select “Report.” Then tap the reason for the report (community based, obviously).

I do like the idea of “Team Filter” though, although members would have to be carefully selected to prevent false filtration of projects.


This is a really good idea!


Some people might use this for projects they dislike or disagree with but yeah that would be a good feature


Ayyyy look it’s my project. Great idea. This can really help out the hopscotch team find inappropriate projects but I’m pretty sure if you report a project it still goes in the filter.


Cannot stress this enough, iirc, after even one flag, tht will review the project. And after two flags the project will be taken down immediately. Honestly i don’t really see the point in doing this as it would just be another group of people which would have to be kept in check by tht (we already have many seed developers, welcome team members, and leaders) so by adding that ontop of all this would be hard for tht to manage. Assuming that tht was unable to properly control this group, which is not an unlikely scenario, one rogue member would have the power to literally shadow delete all of masterpieces, or a rivals account.


One easy solution to that would be to disable the flagging/filtration of projects in the Masterpieces, Announcements, Learn Hopscotch, and Top Games categories.