Team :D Collaboration Topic!





You should try to walk next time, running can be dangerous! :wink:



Human usernames, or just usernames? XD

@CreativeCoder Are you okay? Did you lose a potato? ;-;


No PT scarred me for life at the thought of a sentient pop tart XD


I actually think we should model them off of us, that's a better idea. :wink:


Yup :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for late reply :sweat:


Not really! All I have to say is that I want to have an orange shirt, and I have blonde hair and brown eyes!

That's not traceable! :wink:


It could be dangerous! :0


My hair is complicated but I'm Gilbert's clone with blue eyes and taller


Good idea! :D

So, should I make 3 boy characters and 3 girl characters, then we all customize our own? :D
Or should we each make our models? :D
Or should I just make everyone? :D
Or... Any other ideas for this? :D

@Gilbert189 She meant running out of likes could be very dangerous. :D


How many girls are there and how many Boys?


Oh, she quoted something different, that's why I thought that! :wink:
I think you should just make 3 of each, you 3 have the girls, F4LO and I have the guys, and we make one random one! :wink:

How should the people line up? In an order, or randomly?


Randomly. :D
So, I make them, then we customize our characters? :D


Randomly, but you get everyone in a game (hopefully)


Yeah! Okay, so should we fill out a "form" so you know what celebs to make?


Here's a like! :heart: :D

I really want to spam like this topic... But I'm out of likes :(


Here's a like :heart:


Sorry for inturpting this collab but is it a private collab? Or open for everyone?


It's a group collab for a contest, and I don't think we can accept anyone else!


It's closed and formed. :D

We are making a collab project for the Battle Of Collaborations! :D

Here is a topic about it!