Team :D Collaboration Topic!



I was thinking 6! :D

Glasses, restaurant, sports, jewelry, gardening, and clothing? :D

The buildings aren't very big. :D

Would that be too difficult for the players? XD


No, but how would you fit that many? Drawing reference please?



Earlier, I drew a really, really, really simple wall of squares as a example. XD
One second... I'll go get a picture!



It's really simple. XD

In the finished version, there will be bushes, signs, decorations, and maybe benches!



Where will the people be?


The gray line separates the top floor from the bottom. :D

The people will stand on top of the gray line and a floor. :D


I don't know what I'm doing here. :sweat_smile:


Okay! I like it! So...

  • Celebs. They get mad fast, but give 2 times the points. Sunglasses/star above head?
  • Normal people. Get mad, eventually. Worth normal amount of points.
  • If you're wrong, you lose a life.
  • Power ups? Where more people come/or give more points?
  • 5 lives.
  • 6 shops, top and bottom floor.
  • Speech bubble with item inside indicates what store to go to.
  • Title? "Mall Mayhem"?
  • Due in April.

Question mark indicates a "maybe".

@SmilingSnowflakes, edit this and add onto it, if there's something I missed.



Could I program the celebs? I really want to :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah! What celebs are you going to make? I think that there should be maybe 3 different ones.


What do you enjoy making?
What do you want to make in the game?
^ A few questions. :D ^

@Gilbert189 That's awesome! I really like the power up idea. :D
Maybe, sometimes (rarely) when you take a person to shop, you could get a extra life!


The celebs should be modeled off of us!!!!!!


That's a amazing idea! :D

Now we need 6 celebrities. :D

What are we going to do for the designs? :D


Yes, we should have us as celebs, then 2 others.


What designs? And I don't think @Rawrbear is in the collab, (I though he said he left, if he didn't, then that's fine!) so don't we have only 4 members?


@SmilingSnowflakes and @Gilbert189
Those are amazing ideas! :3



Are we going to make models of us, our usernames, or something else?

I think @Follow4LikesOfficial is in this team too. :D


Oh yeah, so we have 5 members! I think that's enough celebs. We should make them modeled off ourselves or our usernames!


@SmilingSnowflakes Here's a like :D
@Gilbert189 here's a like for you too!

First time running out of likes :P


A human pop tart xD okay I'm not doing that