Team :D Collaboration Topic!



Yes! :D :D


Basically, there are only 5 or less people in a team allowed. I'll stretch it by you and that's it for this team! We need to make it fair for everyone, and we still need another team of professionals! :wink:


Oh yeah, that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That's why I got the idea! They're like:
"What are you doing? I was perfectly fine where I was! Put me down!!"


@Follow4LikesOfficial is officially in! :smile:


Wow... More than 50! I imported a lot from the community! :yum:

I wish there were more than 15 favorite Miis allowed!


@SmilingSnowflakes, any progress on the mall/characters?


Two legs, a body, and one compete arm. XD


Hi smiling snowflakes❄ can oh make me a model template you have VERY CUTE projects! I have freckles and red signs brown hair with a 3 light teal shirt with an iPad please have me with a golden retriever thank you you are amazing to @SmilingSnowflakes from@3087777


*Does a sarcastic golf clap of sarcasticism for no reason*


I'm almost finished making the boy character. :D

Are we going to drag them by their heads?


This sounds awesome! I'll leave now.... I may have read every post :stuck_out_tongue:
slowly backs away


Thank you! :D
Every post? :D
All 133 of them? :D



I think that heads would be cool! I like the character! Are you almost finished?


Yes! :D

Where are you going to drag the characters to? :D
(e.g. Door.)


To whichever shop they want to go to! That will be indicated by an emoji in a speech bubble near their head!



I know you drag them to shops. XD
I will create the icons for the shops. :D

I mean where on the building do you drag them to?


That's what I was thinking too, I just didn't want to burden you! :D

To the door, logically! :laughing:


Thank you! It's not going to burden me. :D

Door! :D

How many shops? :D



Clothing, food, sports, and jewelry? Is that okay for the stores?