Team :D Collaboration Topic!



I meant to say "OTP" meaning "One True Paring."



@SmilingSnowflakes, any progress?


Yes! :D

The restaurant's logo changed to a pan, and I'm almost finished with the restaurant! :D


@Gilbert189 I'm finished with the restaurant and sports. :D


I will get the jewelry and clothes done today! :D


@Gilbert189 I finished all of the shops! :D

You can make the gameplay when you want to. :D

I didn't remove the message on the name of the draft, but consider that gone. XD

You can remove it when you want to. :D


I think I can do the gameplay fairly quickly, so could you finish the celebs instead? Sorry if this is a lot...


It's not a lot! :D

Maybe I can get two done today, I will (hopefully) finish one, and I might get all of them finished today (Most likely not. XD)!


@Gilbert189! :D
@PopTart0219! :D
@Pingu! :D
@Anonymous! :D



... :O


I think I can create the icons today, I'm definitely not going to be able to get the celebrities done in time...




No celebrities, but we can add those in later versions. :D

Stick with what we have I guess? Just make it better in minor to larger minor changes.


Good idea! :D
I will go make the icons + speech bubble! :D


Sweet! @PopTart0219, do you think we can still add power ups? It'll make us stand out! I'll get the gameplay after that.


Definetly! It will make it interesting, just let's not make it too complicated


@Gilbert189 How many speech bubbles and icons do you need? :D

I think one speech bubble for each person... But how many icons? One of each?


I think 2 of each, because 2 people could appear at once.


:0 I could make the music!


The projects were due! :D

I published the project, and posted it on the Battle Of Collaborations topic. :D


Okay! :D

Hey, I have a cool idea! We could make it be super cool if we add KC and BAS! Then we'd have our team from the March Madness thing, and it could be an extra collab!

What do you think? :D


That would be awesome! :D


Hey, @Kiwicute2016, and @BuildASnowman, want to join this collab? The competition is over, and it could be a cool side collab! :D


Who's in it?