Team :D Collaboration Topic!



Ill judge yours first while I'm here
Ok, at first I was like
Mkay I like these cords and it sounds nice, but then it just sounded like Twinkle Twinkle with no variation and I was like yawn
And then the third part came out, and I loved that part. It was a very cool spin off of the original Twinkle song, so good job!
My only problem would be the tempo, it was a bit sloth like, but other than that good job! Especially for one hour


I saw that edit. XD

Well, I didn't see it, but I did see the change.

@Follow4LikesOfficial Your song is awesome! :D
The 3rd/2nd one inspired me to go draw. :D

Still having trouble choosing... ;-;


Exactly lol it was supposed to sound boring.. Peeps would think "twinkle twinkle yeah yeah I heard this"then a le variation! but I'm glad you liked it! It's what I did with the hanging tree xD


Then take a coin and flip it lol


Ok, nice song! I liked the Game Over kind of feel to it, the chords were sweet and the overall tempo was smooth
My only question about it was how it flowed. I couldn't help but wonder 30 seconds in if it stopped and it was repeating or if you were just adding random notes in the same tune. I kinda got confused and closed it halfway through the project. Other than that, nice tune, good notes, but a bit off for my taste



K goodnight peeps


@Gilbert189 wanna judge?(if @PopTart0219 isn't here) @SmilingSnowflakes pls make a decision pls


... So I tossed a piece of paper (closest coin like thing around me) coin...

... And @Rawrbear won. XD

Well, I will think or just toss another paper coin about it for a little. :D


Ok! Now we need someone else cuz it's a tie
@PopTart0219 pls


It repeated constantly. The second part was pretty similar to the first part anyway!


The coin flip wasn't my final decision! :D

And this, @Follow4LikesOfficial, is why I shouldn't judge. XD


Oh ok then judge XD
Make a rubric or something
It works




Flips table.


Sorry, table.


Woah. Your song is awesome!! :slight_smile:

There's one thing, though:



Don't judge XD


Oops er sorry I won't have time!!


@Follow4LikesOfficial Okay. I'm back after 5 paper coin tosses, dealing with one biased paper coin, 3 paper-rock-scissors matches with a friend, and then realizing that it depends on how good we are at PRS. :D

The results were...


Well, I could always just play Mario and decide that way... :D


@smilingsnowflakes pls


lel i veri sorey.

No one's feelings would be hurt if I choose, right? @Rawrbear and @Follow4LikesOfficial? :D