Team :D Collaboration Topic!



@PopTart0219 Are you making the egg right now?

If so, where are you making this adorable-sounding egg? :D
If it's on the draft... I just lost my brick wall. XD
... Or you lost the egg. ;-;


I'm not on le draft, I'm at grandmothers house. Hopefully she's not a wolf because she has really good food.


@SmilingSnowflakes, are you working on the draft?


@Gilbert189 I am! :D

I just created a successful brick wall. :D

Do you need to work on/fix something? :D


Nope! I was just curious. When can you finish the shops? :smile:


Soon! I'm going to finish the restaurant, then I'm going to make the clothes shop, then maybe the sports... I might be able to get the shops done today! :D


Okay! What are the icons in the speech bubbles gonna be like? :D


Spoon and knife is food.
T-shirt is clothes.
Flower is gardening.
Ball is sports.
And something gem like for the jewelry shop. :D
^ Probably a ruby or a diamond. ^


Okay! Hanks for the help!! :D


@SmilingSnowflakes, any progress?


I can't wait until I can go on the draft and see what you've made!

Should we add music?


@Gilbert189 1 lamp! XD
@PopTart0219 We are going to add music! :D
I think @Follow4LikesOfficial is going to make it! :D


Cool XD


Yep! @Rawrbear I finished my entry in 40 minutes lol
I can't publish it now (school iPad) but hopefully it will work soon)


Explanation of low progress and lamp:

Low batteries. :D
And the lamp is actually a chicken that looks like a clock but thinks it's a lamp.



I finished my part of the 1v1 in about that time too! :P

Is it okay if it's not Extreme Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?


Yeah I didn't make it extreme either XD
Can you publish it? I might be on today on hopscotch


Alright! It's more of an "interactive" project. You'll see why when I publish it! :yum:



Ok! Mine is just music as always lol
Can you give me the link?


@SmilingSnowflakes is not reading this.