Team :D Collaboration Topic!



Okay! :D

Let's see how fast I could get this done... :D


I'll go start now! :D


@Gilbert189 So... The fastest I can get this done is three(+) days... XD

Are we going to make a ending screen? :D


Yeah, with the amount of money that you earned! :smile:


@SmilingSnowflakes... Oh my gosh.

I just went onto the draft.

It looks....

AMAZING!!!! WOW! :smile::smile::smile::smile:

I do have an idea for it though, I'll share once you get on. :wink:


May I have a pictures?


Do you have the collab account info? I thought I emailed you it...


I haven't checked my forum email for a while xD could you do it again? Sorry about this


Okay! Sending it now! :smile:


May I go onto the draft?


@Gilbert189 Thank you! :D
What's the idea? :D


Okay, so I think that the bottom middle store shouldn't be a store, it should be a spawning area, because if we make them spawn everywhere, they could spawn in the right store. :smile:


That's a good idea! :D

Could I put bushes, and maybe a lamp and a bench? :D


You do whatever you want! After the design, I can do the gameplay, which shouldn't take more than a day!


No one please work on celebs. I am the celeb person. I've got the best idea for a celeb :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wasn't the plan...

I make all of the members? XD


Make sure it's cute! XD


Wait. Could you make the celebs; and I code the crlebs.

My thoughts are confusing. But I'm going to make a really random Easter egg celeb if it's okay


A Easter Egg would be awesome! :D

It is going to be a made up celebrity... right? :D


Yes. Mr. Fluffy Thing :smiley:

The Easter egg may be an Easter egg


That sounds awesome! :D
And really cute. :D


@PopTart0219, when will you be done? :D