Team :D Collaboration Topic!



Yes! I really like the power up idea, we are definitely going to have them! :D
What will they look like? :D


I'm thinking that they should be blue, red, and green, each color being a differ power up.

They all have a light circle around them that is the color of the power up, and they have a shape inside that, like a triangle, hexagon, or square.



That's awesome! :D
Could we have a yellow one too? XD
It could be circle. :D

What are each of the power ups going to do? :D


More people, more coins given, and more celebs!


Awesome! :D

Could there be a way to regain hearts? :D


Very rarely, if you get a person to the right place. Maybe a one in twenty chance?


Great idea! :D

I like the one in twenty chance idea. :D


Okay, thanks for the help!!!



I finished the girl character! :D

Since the characters took so long to make (Making six special characters would take a week. XD), I could code the shops (Probably would take a few hours.), then you start on the gameplay, and while you are not on the draft, I could make the one or two of the celebrities. :D

We could do that, or...

I could just code the shops and celebrities for a week. XD


@SmilingSnowflakes, sorry to bug you, but are you working on my request. I love the idea for the new game :D.


Sorry, but I don't think she takes requests anymore, or does she?


On my request project she said she would do it. Idk


I don't...

... But I liked the food idea a lot. XD

So, I'm doing it! :D

@Kawaii_Lover Right now, I'm focusing on this collaboration. :D
So, the request isn't going to be finished for a little while. :D


Are you doing the drawing? P.S. I am super sorry to bug you


The drawing will definitely be finished sooner then the food. XD :D


What do you mean by a little while? Like 5 days?


Ok, is the drawing going to be attached as an image or Hopscotch Project? Sometimes I ask random questions! :D.


Could we discus this on your topic?
It's starting to get really off-topic. :D

I could answer it there. :D


Of course, Will. you still reply. I just had this on this topic because I saw you were frequently active.


I would like to get an overview f the gameplay done, so I would like you to finish the shops.