Team :D Collaboration Topic!



Here's another like! :3

So many likes to give to people... :P


@Gilbert189 @PopTart0219 @Pingu :D

Should I going to make a base for your character, then you customize it?
Or are you going to tell me the details, then I make the character?


I can't make text art, so it would be great if you could make mine... :wink:


Here's more likes! :D


Okay! I will do that.

I think your text art is awesome. :D


At least nor people text art! :wink:


I keep thinking someone's replying to me, it's because I'm watching this
Topic. XD


Could you make my character? To simplify my hair, it's long with side bang things on both sides


Okay! :D


Progress update for the normal boy character:
I have now added HSBs, and made the face drag-able.
I just need to add shoes.



I have orange shirt, black pants, blonde hair, and brown eyes.



Progress update:

I'm done! :D
I finished the boy character! :D


Is someone on the draft? :D

The draft just un-saved itself. XD


I'm going to start making the girl character, I'm going to try to get in done by today, or sometime tomorrow. :D

Then, I will make the celebrities. :D


This looks awesome! Can't wait to play it!


Thank you! :D


Good luck Team :D_! I wish you the best!


Progress update:

I've made the boy character's facial expression change when you pick him up. :D

I can't make him squirm if you pick him up, the arms are too long. XD

I've made the the base for the legs, body, and arms of the girl character. :D

I will finish it today! :D

Then, I will make the doors, then I will make the celebrities. :D

@imaginationPOP9 Thank you!


That's so good! When do you think you'll get all of that done?


Thank you! :D

Soon! :D

Not the celebrities, but the girl character. :D

Maybe I can get everything finished today. :D


Okay! So once you're done with that, can I help make the overall gameplay and possibly the power ups, if we are going to have them?