Team :D Collaboration Topic!




This is a topic about Team :D's collaboration project!
(Battle of the Collaborations!)


I had no idea what to write. XD


What happened to the title. XD

@Gilbert189 @Pingu and @PopTart0219 Do you want to make a collaboration account, or transfer the draft with remixing?



Well, we have to wait for the challenge. What to do about having/not having a collab account though...


I think a collaboration account would work best.
Transferring drafts is a difficult process. '^-^


Okay! I'll make the account in a second.


Yay! Thanks! :D



What should I call it?


If that's already used, I will come up with something else. :D


Sorry for randomly coming in on your topic, but I think you can make anything you want, no challenge, then we'll vote at the end..


@Team_:D I recommend putting this topic on watching or tracking. :D

What do you enjoy making?
(e.g. Graphics, values, movement.)


I'm good with values and games. You're amazing at design, I know that. :wink:


Thank you! :D
You will now be the values and games maker. XD
^ It's a joke, you can maker of what you want to make. :D ^

Gives potato.

Take this, it's dangerous to go alone. :D

What type of project do you want to make?
(e.g. Game.)


Maybe a cute, well designed game!


@Gilbert189 How did you know?

That's what I wanted to make too! :D


Continuation of the ocean collab! XD


Ooh! A game where there's treasure chests floating around. They can give you Jess and good stuff, or bombs, which make you lose points!


Here is a list of ideas I came up with...

Something chocolate themed, like a marshmallow running through a land of chocolate!
Something themed around paint, like a paintbrush that has to run around a canvas and avoid stuff. :D
Bushes, and leaves.


I like the art one. If we don't use that, could I?


Sure! :D :D :D

Which one are we going to use?


I really like the art one! It could leave a trail of splattered paint, too!