Team Blue Debate Topic!



Since @BuildASnowman has not yet created a topic, @Anonymous asked me to create one.

Here we can discuss the debate questions and projects we're making!

Team Blue- @BuildASnowman



And @OrangeScent1

omg, sorry OS. ~KC


@kiwicute2016 I forgive


Alright, so the banner can be anything that represents the team and your color, and preferably the leader's username, coded on hs

U have until
The 27th but the sooner the better

Good luck


Wait... That means we have two days?!


No, you have 1 and a half because you need to turn it in by the 27th at 12:00 am midnight

It doesn't have to be super complicated

So teh sooner teh better


Ok... I'll start it.


It must have le XD on it :stuck_out_tongue:
Jk but not entirely :joy:


I'm terrible at trail art, so I'm gonna go ahead and put this banner on you XD

So, let's start discussing the first topics of debate.
"Peer pressure is helpful". I have a few points I'm constructing right now, but in the mean time, I want to hear yours.

BTDTMTL (Blue Team Debate Mass Tag List)



Mine? Or do you mean everyone?

English is so difficult to understand. XD


Everyone's, including yours :stuck_out_tongue:


One thing. How do we pronounce that acronym for the list :joy:?


Kind of like you are saying "Booted the metal" but with a bunch of food in your mouth and no vowels xD


I'll just say bootedthemetal in future :joy:


Peer pressure is helpful.

- encourages and motivates people
- makes people work harder

I'll try and think of more


I'll lay down the information and could you guys incorporate it in the project? I'd have to redownload the app and I can't right now



-encourages hard work
-gets things done
-peers want you to do stuff


What do you guys want your colors to be?

Neon green!


What do you mean our colours


Just choose a color. :stuck_out_tongue: