Team Atlantis- Winter Hoplympics



They aren’t.


This is it so far


I don’t think it has to be winter themed


I’m doing a bg


Maybe. But make it unique!



Dang. I already had a project started. (I was thinking about finishing up 68: The Playroom and using it for the Hoplympics)


Go for it i cant wait for a full 3D game!!!



I’m gonna do a mountain with falling snow(not moving)


Just add a winter theme


I can’t. It’s part of a series- you can’t make one winter themed and not have the rest. And, it doesn’t go with the plot.


You can’t have the first one around Christmas time and the next say January


What do you mean?


Here’s a bit of what I have


I’m saying you could have the first one take place in winter and transition towards th end of it


I was going to use this cross stitch pattern for the pixel art and add some cool stuff to it. Not exactly winter themed but it’s sort of Atlantis themed because you know, water and such. :joy:


Hmm… you could have snowflakes in the BG…then its winter themed!


Oh my god. That is amazing! I love the design! I think it’s perfect.


That’s doesn’t work with the plot.


Ok I’m sorry I couldn’t help