Team Atlantis- Winter Hoplympics



Because they have gotten into the account before


K i think i fixed it now. Just had to remove the square root thingie



I’ve made sort of a color palette for choosing the colors. Woooo! Progress!

The palette is choppy-looking because it was the only way I could make it load faster but I think it kind of works since it looks pixelated like the lighthouse. Oh and the palette is spaced far enough away from the light house so people who remix it can choose to have only the lighthouse in the front cover picture of their remix. Should I still add the option so people can open and close the color palette menu?



My boi healeyboi revealed that IdiOt @Nindroid was “Oribi”


Stop tagging… i only be ok if you tag nindroid on the hoplympics topic… here:


Delete that post, you tagged the group


You tagged the group not the user


This is awesome great job!


I think it’d be better if you could close it, and I like the choppy color- picker more than a smooth one. Could you do something with the pixel count? It looks kind of out- of place.
Thanks, this is awesome!


Don’t call nindroid an idiot!


Yea I just have the pixel counter there for now because I accidentally made it the button i have to press in order for the pixel art to be made so I’ll probably have those in way different places.


Boom! Menu!


That Is EPIC!


That’s so cool @MyPizza


I guess my project is the only one that was made that wasn’t featured.


Didnt you already get featured recently though?


I got featured 4.5 week’s ago.


Well, yours should be! It’s amazing!


And it looks like i’m going to have to abandon DragonOfDarkness.