Team Atlantis- Winter Hoplympics



Hello fellow Atlantians! I decided we should probably make our topic now, so we have a head start. We should start preparing jobs now.
#1: Leader: I will add a poll when we get 5 people.

#2: Projects: Please respond with whichever one you want to do:
Game: @MyPi
Trail art:
Pixel art: @MyPizza
Background: @Panthera
(@MyPizza you should do Pixel art; Is it okay if I make the game?)

#3: Due date
I know the official due date I should 23 of March but we should get them done on the 1st of March so we can help each other.

@MyPizza @Panthera @CheerfulRaven


Sounds great! I’ll see what I can do for pixel art! :wink:
Does it have to be winter themed or our team themed, or either one?


Also, I hope CheerfulRaven is active again on the forum because they haven’t been on since they joined the forum and entered in the hoplympics.


Can I join?i don’t exactly know what this is :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yes! We just need one more member for our team to start. You can go to the topic about the winter hoplympics to sign up! It’s kinda like a contest with a bunch of teams competing in events like pixel art, trail art, and games. The people who make the best ones win!


Ok! I will!(my hopscotch acount is called FRENCH WAVE123)


What do I do?


Casually stalks the opponents’ topics.


At the bottom of the post it should say “edit”

Click that and add your name to the post where is says Atlantis team. If it doesn’t work you can ask someone to add it for you.


Hanks for the help @MyPizza :upside_down_face:


I like doing BG’s. I just need an idea!


Which event(s) were you interested in doing?


I’m good at doing games but i am happy to do anything😄


I’m also good at games. I’m decent at 3D graphics.


can we both make games? And only enter the better one(most likely yours)?


Okay. I’ll also make a sin and cos project.


Do we make it winter themed?


Look at me not being here you see nothing


Yes we do.


K so which idea should I use?
Ugg its not letting me do what I want to do! Rrr “lets try something else”